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Boruto Manga Chapter 2

SO after two chapters of Boruto I finally realized what was wrong with the art. First of all its shit, I can barely read this because its so ugly. I am surprised that Kishimoto would pick such a crappy artist.


Boruto, unlike his father, doesn’t want to be Hokage and declines to take the Chunin exam with his teammates but after some coercing, he changes his mind. Meanwhile, Sasuke returns to Konoha to inform Naruto about something he found in Kaguya’s temple.

But back to what I was saying, the art of the characters aren’t detailed enough with no shadows so every face look 2D as fuck. Also the eyes drawn for the character are awful, it looks like the author drew a fucking circle and called it good. No effort at all.



He launches it back at the Bijuu with several times the power.

The blast renders Killer B unconscious as they pull the Bijuu out of him. The leader of the two complains that it’s not enough chakra when the other says that he feels a larger presence. They are talking about Naruto and the Kyuubi.


Sasuke fight was alright I guess.
Boruto skipping hardwork for that sleazy scientists’s tech and KB has been defeated :O


Readers are looking forward to some new scenes added to the Chunin Exams. The event was rushed in the movie, so now would be a good time for the writers to develop that part of the story and show more fight scenes between the main characters of the story. Some scenes from the second level of the exams, the “Forest of Death,” would be great. Last time fans got to see the “Forest of Death” in canon, Orochimaru was out and about wreaking havoc on many of the Genins.


However, if the “Boruto” series decides instead to focus on the main arc being shown in the novel, then it might take until the end of 2016 before they will finally cover the events shown in the movie. At the start of the chapter, an adult Boruto reveals his Byakugan. This may lead to an entire new generation of young fans who may keep supporting the continuation of the Naruto saga.


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Boruto Manga Chapter 1

Standing on the crumbled face statue of the 7th Hokage, Kawaki and Buroto squares off to settle the score once and for all. Kawaki, the guy with a Mohawk hairdo, seeks the end of the ninja era, while Boruto (the son of the 7th Hokage Naruto) wants to continue the history of shinobi.

-Kawaki, who is apparently wielding a Gedo staff, threatens Boruto to send him to the same place as the 7th Hokage. There isn’t clear explanation whether Kawaki teleported Naruto to another place or he really killed him, but the prevailing assumption is Naruto dies in this war.

-Noticeably, Kawaki and Boruto Manga have similar tattoos. Kawaki had its red version in his left arm, Boruto had its blue form in his right.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation chapter 1 is originally scheduled for release on May 9, but for some reason the full 60-page chapter of the manga series has already been leaked online. While I cannot give you the site where you can view the leaked chapter , I have nevertheless prepared a synopsis and review of the Boruto the Manga chapter 1.



It’s finally here! The first chapter of the Boruto manga has released in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, and fans of the Naruto franchise will see where the next generation of Konoha ninja take the story.

After Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto’s one-shot revealing Mitsuki’s origins, he takes a step back into the supervisor role as Mikio Ikemoto takes over art duties and Ukyo Kodachi works on the script of the Boruto manga.

If you saw last year’s Boruto movie, a lot of the first chapter will seem familiar to you. However, there are some interesting tidbits to check out, and we’re here to recap the first chapter of the Boruto manga.

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